Bosch blades

Wiper blades sweep across the windshield removing rain, snow, bugs and debris. Over time the rubber will dry out and become brittle and crack. Degraded wiper blades reduce visibility and can pose a serious safety hazard. About 90% of our driving decisions are based solely on what we see. So having a good pair of windshield wiper blades is extremely important, especially in inclement weather. 

signs and symptoms that you may need new wiper blades

  • Streaks left behind on glass after wiper passes
  • Blades “squeak”
  • Blades chatter
  • Blades are more than two years old

Bosch blades service

  • Inspect all vehicle’s old wiper blades for damage or wear
  • Remove the old wiper blades and install new Bosch blades
  • Our replacement wiper blades meet or exceed all OEM specifications¬†
  • It’s recommended to change or replace your wiper blades every 6-12 months

NOTE: Always use properly mixed windshield washer fluid. Plain water just doesn’t cut it. Water can freeze in the fluid reservoir or on the windshield itself, potentially making visibility worse.

Our Guarantee:

We promise that every service we perform at Castrol Premium Lube Express will be done right. We stand behind our work 100%

Service Recommendation
Every 12 months

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