steering and suspension services

Balance, stability and smoothness – they’re what ensure a comfortable ride for you and your passengers, and your car’s steering and suspension are what make this possible. Steering and suspension are responsible for keeping your wheels firmly intact with the ground, and a major player in keeping your car from veering to one side off the road.

If your vehicle’s steering and suspension isn’t working properly, you’re in for a bumpy ride literally. At the first sign of trouble, bring your car in for steering and suspension services. Symptoms of a faltering steering and suspension system include:

  • Noise when driving over bumps
  • Vehicle bouncing
  • Hard turning
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Wandering wheels

shocks & struts

Shocks absorb bumps and uneven areas on the road, keeping the driver in the car and the other components from experiencing too much disruption from potholes, speed bumps and other obstructions. Struts are a key part of the suspension system , mounting the coil spring which helps determine vehicle alignment and the height of the vehicle. This important system can also impact stopping distance, which could mean the difference between a safe stop and an automobile accident.

signs of suspension problems

There are a number of signs that your suspension may be faulty or need maintenance. If you are experiencing any of the issues below, come by Castrol Premium Lube Express:

  • Vehicle drifts, sways or has uneven wear on the tire tread
  • Experiencing more bumping or shaking than usual
  • Vehicle feels unstable or has trouble stopping
  • Stiff or grinding steering wheel

shock & strut repair includes:

Regular inspection of the suspension components is important for preventing system failure. Keeping shocks and struts well lubricated and checking them for wear over time will help keep your suspension in top shape.

If your shocks or struts do fail, our mechanics at Castrol Premium Lube Express can assess the issue and replace any faulty components. We can also inspect the system as a part of regular maintenance and provide any preventative maintenance. Simply drop by Lethbridge Castrol Express & Auto Lube location for quick expert service.  

Our Guarantee:

We promise that every service we perform at Castrol Premium Lube Express will be done right. We stand behind our work 100%

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