fuel injection service

The Fuel System/Air induction Service removes dirt and build up from the air intake system and fuel injectors. All gasoline contains contaminants that slowly build up deposits throughout your entire fuel system. A clean fuel system will improve fuel economy, acceleration and performance it will also eliminate hard starts, hesitation and stalling.

fuel injection service includes:

  • Two-step process cleans the fuel injectors, intake, emission and fuel system
  • Restores and maintains original performance and fuel efficiency
  • Helps avoid expensive injector repairs
  • Helps correct faulty fuel gauge sensor readings
  • Service may assist vehicle in passing emissions test

Note: Today’s finely tuned engines rely on exact air-to-fuel ratio mixtures for optimum performance, and dirty injectors inhibit that ability to provide the right amount of fuel. If left untreated, over time dirt and contaminants from fuel system deposits inhibit accurate fuel flow and can lead to poor engine performance and potentially costly repairs. 

fuel filter replacement

A fuel filter is an essential part of protecting your vehicles engine from harmful contaminants. A dirty or clogged fuel filter will restrict the flow of fuel which leads to poor acceleration, reduced fuel economy and reduced engine performance. A clean fuel filter is one of the best ways to improve gas mileage (MPG), enhance performance and extend the life of fuel-related engine components.

fuel filter service includes:

  • Fuel filters should be serviced according to manufacturer recommendations
  • The old fuel filter is removed and disposed of 
  • The new fuel filter is installed according to manufacturer specifications
  • Your vehicle is started to build up pressure inyour fuel system so that we can check for leaks
  • Our replacemnet fuel filters meet or exceed all OEM specifications

fuel pump replacement

If your fuel pump needs repairs, it is likely that your car is experiencing a complete breakdown and will not run. The fuel pump is an essential component – if you are concerned that your fuel pump is faulty, bring your car to a mechanic at Castrol Premium Lube Express right away. Typically, faulty fuel pumps cannot be repaired, and must be replaced. One of the most important steps to avoid fuel pump failure is to ensure that you are using fuel that is optimal for your particular car. Refer to your owners manual to learn more.

fuel pump service includes:

Castrol Premium Lube Express can inspect and replace broken or faulty fuel pumps. We have trained mechanics and all of our parts meet or exceed OEM specifications, so you can be sure that your vehicle is in good hands. We also provide regular fuel system service and fuel filter replacement to ensure that your vehicle cointinues running smoothly and maintains engine performance.

Our Guarantee:

We promise that every service we perform at Castrol Premium Lube Express will be done right. We stand behind our work 100%

Service Recommendation
Every 12 months/25,000 KM

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