Keep it cool & Comfortable

Over time, all air conditioning systems accumulate moisture and contaminants. Air conditioning systems will also leak small amounts of refrigerant through rubber o-rings that tend to dry out and leak during the winter months when the car’s air conditioner is not in use. Periodic maintenance keeps the air conditioner operating at its peak performance level, and protects against expensive repairs that result from rust and corrosion.

Air Conditioning Service Includes

  • Test the entire system whenever it loses its ability to cool
  • Check the system for leaks and the ability to hold pressure
  • Recover and recycle old refrigerant from the air conditioning system
  • Recharge air conditioning system with the proper amount of enviromentally-friendly refrigerant

Our Guarantee:

We promise that every service we perform at Castrol Premium Lube Express will be done right. We stand behind our work 100%

Service Recommendation
When system looses ability to cool

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